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Please provide customer number at check-in.

Caravan parking place: Check-in: The place cannot be expected to be available until 13.00. Check-out: is no later than 11.00

Rental unit Check-in: cabins / caravans can not be expected to be available until 15. Check-out: is no later than 11.00



If arrival does not take place within the agreed time of arrival, the place will be vacated and the reservation will be canceled and will be considered an interrupted stay. In case of delay, please contact us as soon as possible.



If the entire reservation period is not complied with, e.g. in case of late arrival, or in case of early departure, nothing will be refunded – regardless of re-renting.



  1. If a booking is canceled no later than 2 months before the booking commences, the landlord reserves the right to calculate a handling fee of 10% of the bookings total price, however a minimum of DKK 1,000.
  2. In case of cancellation later than 2 months, but earlier than 1 month before the start of the booking period, the campground reserves the right to calculate 50% of the total price of the lease.
  3. In case of cancellation later than 1 month before the start of the lease, the campground reserves the right to calculate the full price of the lease
  4. The cancellation is considered to have taken place from the time it has reached the campground in writing (email).



THE CAMPING REGULATIONS as well as the camp manager’s instructions must be followed, as in accordance with the camping regulations it can ultimately lead to expulsion from the site and be considered interrupted stay. In the event of expulsion, the amount for the lost days will be refunded. Though a fee of 139 will be charged.


ELECTRICITY: Electric heating and air conditioning are not allowed on the campground.

Cabins- Electricity is charged per. kWh. In 15 sqm cabins, electricity is included in the rent


WATER: In the luxury cabins with spa, water consumption is settled at the end of the rental period.

House: Electricity, water and oil (consumption) are settled with a fixed amount and paid together with the rent.

See more about consumer prices here


EL / HYBRID CARS: Is not allowed to be charged on space parking’s or in cabins. Contact the reception for further information.


CLEANING: If you want final cleaning, it must be ordered no later than 3 days before departure from the campsite. A mandatory cleaning deposit is paid with the rent. Cleaning of the rented is the responsibility of the tenant. When moving out, both the rented equipments and the furniture from the rented must be handed over in the same cleaned and tidy condition as when taken over. Possibly. necessary cleaning will be done at the tenant’s expense.

See information on cleaning prices.

A cleaning deposit is required to ensure that the rented property is left clean and undamaged.

The deposit is transferred to the tenant’s stated bank account no later than 10 days after returning home, if we have received correct bank information and the cleaning is ok.


EXTRA: The following can be reserved, no later than 2 weeks before arrival. It must be picked up and returned at the reception or another designated place:

  • Bed linen incl. a small and a large towel
  • Camping bed
  • High chair for babies

See more about prices for our additional service prices


SMOKING is not allowed in our rental units.

DAMAGES: The provider assumes no responsibility for sudden damage, but will take care that the damage is repaired as soon as possible after the notification. The tenant is liable for the rented and liable for any. damage caused to the rented or furniture during the rental period. Possibly. damages must be reported to the provider immediately.

PLACE / CABIN GUARANTEE: It is possible to book a specific cabin or pitch for a guarantee fee. Reservations are made for errors.

DOG: re. dog on the site, see information about “camping with dog


The reservation is personal and non-transferable

NOTE: minimum age to book is 18 years.

PLEASE REMEMBER to provide Customer Number for any inquiries.