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camping with dog
camping with dog

Dogs and other pets are welcome.

NEW – in 2021 we will establish a free dog bath at the D service building.

We also have a small number of cabins (3 pers. Cabins, 20 m2, and 4 pers. And 5 pers. Cabins, 30 m3), where dogs / cats (max. 2 pets) is allowed by agreement with us.

Pets are, by agreement, allowed in the following cabins:
nos. 7 and 8 (3 pers. cabins, 20 m2),
nos. 18 and 19 (5 pers. cabins, 30 m2),
nos. 20, 25 and 31 (4 pers. luxury cabins, 30 m2) and
no. 37 (4 pers. flex luxury cabins, 30 m2)

In the other rental units (incl. Terrace / awning) dog / cat / other pets are unfortunately not allowed.

General information about dogs at the campsite

Dogs must always be kept in a short leash and walked outside of the campground. You must clean up after your dog, and they should never be left home alone where they can be a nuisance to other guests.

It is not allowed to leave the pets home alone and they are not allowed in the furnitures (sofa, chairs, beds, etc.)

About bringing pets through Sweden

If you want to bring your dog or cat through Sweden to Bornholm, this must be done in accordance with current rules.

You must complete the form about pets on Swedish Customs’s website in order to bring your pet trough Sweden.

You can read more on Aakirkeby Animal Clinic’s website:
Select “Dog” and then “Travel with dog”.
There it is well explained