Camping with dogs

Bring your dog along on a camping holiday

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camping with dogs
camping with dogs at the beach

In 2021, we established a free dog bath at the D-service-building. Dog shampoo can be purchased at the reception or in the kiosk.

Just bring your dog

camping with dog
camping with dog

Dogs and other pets are welcome.

About dogs in huts

We also have a small number of cabins (3 pers. Cabins, 20 m2, and 4 pers. And 5 pers. Cabins, 30 m3), where dogs / cats (max. 2 pets) is allowed by agreement with us.

Pets are, by agreement, allowed in the following cabins:
See booking-calender for more information.

General information about dogs at the campsite

Dogs must always be kept on a short leash, vented outside the site and litter must be picked up. As a rule, they must not be alone at home and must not be a nuisance to others.

Dogs/cats must not be in the furniture in the cabins (neither sofa, chairs, beds, etc.)

The responsibility possibly liability for compensation rests with the owner, also if the need arises to rescue the animal.

About bringing pets through Sweden

If you want to bring your dog or cat through Sweden to Bornholm, this must be done in accordance with current rules.

You must complete the form about pets on Swedish Customs’s website in order to bring your pet trough Sweden.

You can read more on Aakirkeby Animal Clinic’s website:
Select “Dog” and then “Travel with dog”.
There it is well explained

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