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Disabled-friendly campsite

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Disabled-friendly campsite


4 of our luxury cabins are specially designed and equipped for wheelchair users with extra space, no level differences in the cabins and parking right next to the cabins to make it easy and comfortable. The cabins are therefore suitable for anyone who benefits from well-furnished luxury cabins.

Handicapped-friendly luxury cabins are furnished as follows:

The luxury cabins consist of 2 bedrooms and are perfect for 2 couples or a family of 6.

A bedroom with a fixed bed (box mattress) of 70 x 200 cm and 2 pcs. fold-down bunks (spring mattresses) of 80 x 200 cm
A bedroom with a bunk bed (spring mattresses): 80 x 200 cm w/bed – with pull-out sleeping area (spring mattress) under the lower bunk, so you can make a double bed of 160 x 200 cm.
Loft for children with 2 foam mattresses.

The luxury cabins are handicap-friendly, so they can also be used by wheelchair users.

In one bedroom there are two single beds. One of the beds can be folded up so that a wheelchair can be turned inside the bedroom.

The second bedroom has a luxury bunk bed, where the upper bunk can be opened, and under the lower bunk there is an extra bed that can be pulled out and VUPTI – then there is a double bed.

It is also a specially designed bathroom.

It is not without reason that we call them “Flex cabins”. There are actually up to 8 different sleeping options in them.

We have 3 pcs. 4-person flex luxury cabins of 30 sqm, for:
max. 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children (max. 11 years) –
or for 3 adults if one is in a wheelchair.

There is a large parking space for each of the 3 Flex cabins and, like all the other cabins, they have a fantastic sea view.

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