Caravan rental rates

Caravan rental rates at Sannes Family camping, Bornholm

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Rent a caravan rates 2021

  Week 24 Week 25, 26 Week 27 Week 28-31 Week 32  Week 33, 34  Week 35
3 People 548,61 340,278 611,1 972,2 611,1 409,72 340,278
4 People 687, 5 479,167 847,2 1166,67 847,22 548,61 479,167

What is included in the price?

When you rent a caravan at Sannes Familiecamping, you get lots of fun, play and facilities included in the price.

Included in the price when you rent a caravan at Sannes Familiecamping:

  • Waterpark
  • Playground
  • Grass courts for play and ball games
  • Fitness
  • Trampolines
  • TV rooms for adults and children
  • Billiards, Air hockey and more
  • Shared kitchen, outdoor kitchen and barbecue

Good to know when you rent a caravan

Bed linen

Bed linen is not included when renting a caravan. You have the opportunity to bring your own bed linen or order bed linen before arrival by contacting us.

Electricity & water consumption

Electricity and water are included in the rental of carriage.

Arrival Departure

Arrival is at 15.00, departure must be no later than kl. 11.00 – REMEMBER all chip cards and keys – also possibly. cards for the boom must be handed in.

Dogs and pets

Dogs and pets are welcome in your own caravan, but not in our rental caravans.

Smoking is NOT allowed in our rental caravans

Rent a caravan for your vacation on Bornholm

Ferry tickets must be ordered directly on Bornholmslinjen