Booking of ferry tickets

Purchase of a ferry tickets to Bornholm must be done

directly on Bornholmslinjen’s website

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Ferry tickets must now be ordered on
the Bornholmslinjen's Website

From 2021, ferry tickets should be ordered directly on the Bornholmslinjen’s website. Due to a new operator on the ferry routes to and from Bornholm, we are no longer able to secure the price advantages for our customers that we have previously been able to with package travel.

This means that our guests can buy ferry tickets at significantly lower prices and thereby save several DKK 100 by buying the ferry ticket directly from the shipping company rather than via package travel.

Therefore, in 2021 we have taken the consequence to refer our guests to order directly on the Bornholmslinjen, even though we know that many of you appreciated a total travel package.

In general, it is beneficial to book departures from and to Ystad on weekdays and from and to Køge on weekends. There can be a lot of money to be saved by using special tickets; eg “campaign” & “pensioner”. There are large price differences which is why we recommend spending some time finding the most optimal ones for you.

Book ferry tickets on Bornholmslinjen