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Here you will find all the practical information about your stay at Sannes Familiecamping

Our campground is a privately run and very quiet campsite close to Gudhjem. Here, family life thrives and we put personal service first and we will do everything to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable experience.

Your facilities

All imaginable facilities that make a perfect camping holiday.


Free Wifi







Beach 50m









Bicycle rentals





Handicap adgang

Wheelchair access in all cabins

Hund er tilladt

Pet freindly cabins available

Consumption prices for showering, washing, drying, washing machine etc.

Practical Information

The campsite’s payment card system

We have no vending machines at Sannes Familiecamping, but a payment card system. The card is used to pay for consumption at the facilities.


How to use the card

  • The payment card is picked up at the reception
  • Add money on the card at the reception
  • Upon payment, the card is scanned by the card reader, which then charge the amount.
  • The account balance can be seen in InfoMaten in the following places:
    • InfoMat in building C: Right inside the entrance on the left.
    • Info screen in building D:Right inside the entrance on the left.
  • It is always a good idea to check the card’s account balance on one of the InfoMaters or the Info screen before using it.

About the payment card:

  • During the opening hours of the reception, you can get additional credit on the card
  • NOTE: The card can ONLY be used when credit has been added on it, consumption is settled on departure.
  • You can e.g. add money on the card (s) at check-in so that it / they can be used.
  • The remaining amount on the chip card will be refunded on departure.
  • A fee of DKK 25 (per card) is charged for damaged or non-returned cards.

The campsite

Peace there must be peace in the square between kl. 22.30 and 07.00 and on the playground between kl. 22.00 and 08.00.

Electric heating and air conditioning in caravans, tents ect. is not included in the price and therefore not allowed.

The barbeques on the terraces are for free use – but remember to use barbecue trays. Own barbecue on the campsite must be at least 30 cm. above ground (so burn marks are avoided). Use of disposable barbeques are not allowed.

Guests are welcome when being notified at reception. Guests are not allowed to use the swimming pool.

Garden pavilions are not allowed on the campsite according to camping regulations.

Dogs must always be kept on a short leash, must not be a nuisance to others and must not be alone at home.
They must be walked outside the campsite’s area. Remember to bring a bag to clean up after your dog – also along the bike path. Bags are available at the Container sites.

Beach stones – is a bad cocktail with lawn mowers and eyes! – so clear your place of stones before departure.
A forgotten stone can hit everyone when we cut grass.


There is wireless internet on the campsite. Code: Bornholm

Opening hours and boom barrier cards

The boom barrier is opened with a boom card at the driveway, which you recieve at the reception on the arrival day

When leaving the campisite, it opens automatically between 07:00 and 22:30.

The kiosk

Kiosk – our kiosk is open from approx. mid-May to approx. in mid-September. Outside the high season, opening hours are limited.

breakfast Bread can be ordered for the next day during the kiosk’s opening period

Water park

The swimming pool can be used free of charge during the current opening hours (see notice) – from approx. end of May to approx. early September.
Children must be accompanied by adults, who always have full responsibility.
Approx. water depths: the pool: 125 cm – the children’s pool from 20-40 cm.

Rules for using the waterpark

IMPORTANT: REMEMBER to shower with soap before getting in the pool



  • Visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool – not even for a fee, as we do not have a lifeguard.
  • Use of swimwear is mandatory – regardless of age! Diaper babies must also use bath diapers.
  • It is not allowed to bring large bathing animals or air mattresses.
  • For safety reasons, do NOT WALK, STAND or stay on the water slide!
  • Head-first-jump is dangerous due to the shallow water depth and therefore not allowed.
  • These bathing rules must be complied.


Trash containers are available at both parking spaces (for waste, for cardboard / paper and for glass / cans)

NOTE: Please fold cardboard boxes together. Battery container is available in the parking lot at the reception.


  • Departure must be no later than. 11.00 – REMEMBER all chip cards – also possibly. card fir the boom barrier
  • Settlement during the reception’s opening hours – however no later than 11.00 – otherwise you pay for one more day!
  • If departure is before 08.00 am, you must have settled the day before – during the reception’s opening hours!
  • You can pay with cash and Dankort or Dankort / Visa, or by credit card for a fee.

TV Rooms

The TV room on the 1st floor is reserved for the adults. Only for children if they are in company with an adult.

The TV room on the terrace by building C is reserved for the children. Only for adults if they are in company with a child. Closes at 22.30.


Pool & billiards are for adults only. ALL players must be at least 12 years old!

Ball field and activity areas are used at your own risk.

Trampolines is used at your own risk. The color can be contaminated on clothes. See information by the trampolines!

Doctors and pharmacists

Doctors – Klemensker Lægehus, Søndergade 1A, 3782 Klemensker. Tel. time 8-12. 56 96 60 49 and
Svaneke Lægehus, Lindevej 5 B, Svaneke. Tel. time 8-9. Tel .: 56 49 60 03. Open consultation 10.30-12.00.

Emergency telephone tel. 1813 in doubt in case of illness or injury? Call: 1813 for medical attention.

Night watch Call tel. 56 48 52 11 or doorbell to the right of the front door.

Dental emergency call: 2117 4147 – phone hours: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Pharmacies are located in Allinge, Nexø and Rønne.

Pharmacy sales can be found in Dagli Brugsen in Gudhjem.


Dantaxi tel. 56 95 23 01


Bank and ATMs

There is an ATM in Gudhjem, but no bank branch.

Money can be withdrawn from Dankort at the reception.

Mail and parcels

Newspapers – redirected newspapers are placed in the basket outside the reception.

Messages can be viewed on our InfoMater / Info screen. Letters / packages are picked up at the reception.

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