Experiences & Activities
on Bornholm

There are lots of experiences and activities for nature lovers, families with children, romantics, and for you who want an active holiday on Bornholm.

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What you must experience on Bornholm

Our guests choose Sannes Familiecamping not only because it is a 5-star campsite with the best facilities, but also because the range of experiences and activities is amazing. We have prepared some inspiration for holiday experiences and activities for the family, for the life-enjoyer and for you who love nature.

Experiences on Bornholm

Bornholm offers lots of experiences for you who want to experience Bornholm, a quiet relaxing holiday, or an active holiday in the stunning nature of Bornholm, both summer and winter.

Døndalen Bornholm
Seværdigheder i Gudhjem, Bornholm
Christiansø frokost
Karamelkompagniet i Gudhjem
Klatrebane ved Gudhjem Bornholm
Prøv kræfter med klatring på Bornholm
Melsted Trolling Center Bornholm
Skilift på Skibakken Bornholm - Sannes


Ferry tickets must be ordered directly on Bornholmslinjen.